As of the leading vendor of Network Management, Sangfor IAM has been already listed in the SWG Gartner Magic Quadrant for 4 years in a row. It has professional bandwidth management, application control, URL filter, traffic control, information control, illegal hotspot/proxy control, behavior analysis, wireless network management and many other features, which can truly help you achieve a Unified Internet Behavior Management of all clients in the entire network.

1. Effectively prevents staff from doing non-work related activities.
2. Maximize the bandwidth usage.
3. Avoids leakage and regulatory risks, protect the intranet data security.
4. Visual management and comprehensive control of wireless APs.

Mainly used as an Internet Behavior Management device deployed in the Internet gateway, it can support 10 Gbps environment, provide Unified Wired and Wireless networks and can be used in many other scenarios to secure and maximize your network. Sangfor IAM has already served more than 20,000 customers in every kind of industry.

Product Models

Models S5000 M5000 M5100 M5400 M5500 M5600 M6000 M9000 M10000
Profile Desktop 1U 1U 1U 2U 2U 2U 2U 2U
HD Capacity 64G SSD 128G SSD 128G SSD 1TB 1TB 1TB 1TB 1TB+4G CF 1TB+4G CF
FW Throughput Options 80 Mbps 130 Mbps 210 Mbps 1 Gbps 1.4 Gbps 2.1 Gbps 3.0 Gbps 20 Gbps 40 Gbps
Application Layer Throughput Options 40 Mbps 80 Mbps 160 Mbps 400 Mbps 600 Mbps 1 Gbps 2 Gbps 10 Gbps 20 Gbps
Maximum Concurrent Users 50 PCs~100 Mob. 100 PCs~100 Mob. 600 1200 3000 6000 20000 50000 100000

Product Advantages

Simple & Intuitive Reporting

SANGFOR IAM is built with an Advanced Report Center, which supports various customized reports based on traffi¬c statistics, queries, ranking, times and behavior of user & user groups, helping enterprises analyze the root causes of all network issues. IAM Advanced Report Center records, audits and counts every single network behavior of intranet users in graphical reports. With reports, curves and statistics, IT managers are provided with all the detailed information they need to know about their network, including Internet access activities, bandwidth consumption and viewed contents. Reports are self-generated by the device and automatically & regularly sent to an appointed e-mail address to effectively assist in the network design, secure it and optimize the usage of the bandwidth

Intelligent and Accurate Traffic Management

Thanks to three unique major traffic management technologies of Sangfor IAM, it can improve the bandwidth utilization by more than 30%. Its dynamic traffic control function can dynamically adjust the traffic control policy and intelligently allocate idle bandwidth resources. Its Intelligent Flow Control function can also precisely control both uplink and downlink P2P traffics. Last but not least, it can customize traffic "packages" for different users, allocating specific traffic quota and limit the bandwidth for users whom have excessed it.

Complete and Effective Data Recording

Being the industry leading technology of Information Management, Sangfor IAM can identify outgoing information in the network and supports outgoing behavior control on forums, emails, instant messengers, network drives & other applications, even including SSL encrypted emails, to prevent leakage of core information and provide log traceability for network sensitive incidents. Its high-performance external data center can store massive logs so that our customers can look up for the information whenever they need.

Precise and Accurate Application Control

Sangfor IAM manages and controls network applications more comprehensively, accurately and conveniently. It has the largest application signature database in Asia, which can identify 2,900 network applications, over 900 mobile applications and is updated every 2 weeks.
It can also precisely control applications according to their specific functions, such as distinguishing upload, download and other actions in the network. Last but not least, its bulk management mode for large enterprises greatly improves the management efficiency.

Unified Management of all Clients in the Entire Network

Sangfor IAM can effectively control both Wired and Wireless networks, achieving Unified Management of all clients in the entire network. With rich and flexible authentication methods, it can fully guarantee the security of access control, which supports a variety of traditional authentication methods such as username/password, IP/MAC binding, etc., as well as value-added marketing authentication methods (QR code, SMS, WeChat, App, Alipay, etc.). It can also control permissions based on user, application, location and client types. With its built-in wireless controller function, it can manage Sangfor APs directly, building a faster and more cost-effective wireless network.

Value-Added Services

Authentication via SMS, Portal, Social Media and QR Code
With Sangfor IAM, you can authenticate your guests via SMS, Portal, Social Media and QR Code. You can create a QR code to allow your visitors to connect to the Wi-Fi simply by opening any QR code software and scan it. With this type of authentication, there is no need to change your Wi-Fi password every time and you can generate the QR Code according to each visitor group.

Sangfor Billing System for Internet Usage
Sangfor IAM will record the internet usage and time spent on the network, ensuring an accurate calculation of the cost to charge to the user. Sangfor Billing System can be installed on any commodity servers and seamlessly integrated with Sangfor IAM. This can generate a new source of revenue used to operate & maintain the network, and avoid bandwidth abuse.

Scenario Solutions

Unified Internet Behavior Management Solution of Wired & Wireless Networks

Sangfor IAM can tightly control devices that access the network such as PCs, laptops, mobile clients, etc. It can also comprehensively identify various applications in the network and control certain functions, such as upload function of network drives, file transfer, etc. With flexible identification and access control, Sangfor IAM can timely detect and control illegal wireless hotspots. 

Internet Behavior Management Solution of Network Gateway

Sangfor IAM can identify and control non-work related applications in the network to improve work efficiency and productivity. With many professional traffic management features, it can rationally allocate bandwidth resources to maximize the bandwidth usage. It can also track and record the Intranet user behaviors in details to meet security compliance requirements. For organizations with branches, it provides unified management platform and supports 3G link backup, making the network management more efficient and reliable.

Smart Billing Solution

The bandwidth is a precious and expensive resource in many countries. So why not charge your users according to the internet data used, time spent on internet or for usage of specific application? After the users connected to the network, they will be redirected to a portal where they can register & recharge their account through your own payment system (or third-party payment system such as Paypal). IAM Smart Billing System will offer you a new source of income and at the same time, effi­ciently improve the user bandwidth experience.

Marketing Solution for Public Wi-Fi

Sangfor IAM support a number of flexible authentication methods, including WeChat authentication, SMS authentication, APP authentication, etc. It also provides a variety of information push methods, helping enterprises to push targeted advertising information to their customers. User’s data are recorded by the IAM device and can be further analyzed to provide rich log reports to help enterprises make the right decision.

Zero Complaints of Slow Web-Access with Sangfor IAM

Sangfor Internet Access Management provides clear evaluation of the overall network quality. You can now detect who are the slowest users, when they are affected by slow web-access and list the users with poor web-access quality.

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Intelligent Bandwidth Management

P2P traffic is often out of control with traditional traffic control tool for its particular UDP traffic interaction. Simple expansion of the bandwidth cannot solve the root cause. Sangfor developed a technology that can accurately control the P2P traffic by restraining the upload traffic. More bandwidth resource can be utilized by critical business system and the bandwidth utilization will be used up to 30% at least.

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