aBOS - Secure Network Gateway Solution

Ideal for ROBO (Remote Office Branch Office) Deployment

In reality, branch offices face IT obstacles such as lack of specialized IT personnel and physical space and power resources needed to support traditional datacenter platforms. They expect to be more productive to meet the increase business needs: they want to be able to quickly set up a light data center and achieve rapid gateway deployment in order to fulfill requirements like securing operating systems, providing fast access and enabling remote office, etc.

Sangfor aBOS (the Mini HCI) is specifically designed to cater to this demand. With virtualization technology, it only takes one server to provide Network Function Virtualization (NFV), virtual switch, virtual router and other virtual services through a unified management platform for resource allocation. Inheriting Sangfor's strength in security and optimization, NFV allows users to deploy vIAM, vAF, vWANO, vSSL and etc. according to their needs.

Product Advantages

Rapid Deployment

  • 1-click generated topology.
  • Only a few steps of simple setting with the default template can get the network up and running.

Reduced TCO

  • Save over 70% of TCO when hardware is consolidated onto aBOS.
  • Save power and space.
  • Reduce cost of trainig and equipment transportation.

Centralized Management

  • Real-time information summary.
  • Security policy passing down.
  • Centralized log management.
  • Support hierarchical management.

Pay as You Grow

  • Purchase desired feature anytime in application store.
  • Quickly adapt to users' changing needs and provide new services.
  • Substantiate services anywhere in the world.

Scenario Solutions

Local SME

  • Quantity of IT Service Users < 100.
  • Use 2-3 aBOSs to support gateway/file system/PC…
  • Use 3-4 aBOSs to support OA/mail/gateway…

Construction Industry’s Expatriate Engineer Team

  • Quantity of IT Service Users < 100.
  • Use 1-2 aBOSs to support VPN/local files…

Securities Company’s Tier-2 Sales Division

  • Quantity of IT Service Users < 100.
  • Use 2-3 aBOSs to support gateway/wireless/PC…

Bottom-Tier Branch

  • Quantity of IT Service Users 100-300.
  • Use 3-4 aBOSs to support multiple gateways/wireless/PC/local OA/file systems/etc…

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