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Sangfor Partner Engagement Program

What does it mean to be a Sangfor Partner?

Being a Sangfor Partner means working closely with Sangfor to provide the best IT solutions and services, with the best support, at the lowest cost, to our global customers. Partners rely on Sangfor for their products and services, while Sangfor relies on Partners for their on-the-ground experience and industry expertise. Sangfor Partners are found in some of the world’s most engaging countries & regions in the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Europe.

Partners involved in the Sangfor Partner Engagement Program have access to both Sangfor’s stellar network security, cloud computing and infrastructure solutions, and are supported by an extensive network of Sangfor-developed product trainings, marketing material, experience sharing, events and technical support.

Create a Win-Win Relationship

Sangfor works closely with Partners to build integrated solutions based on market insights and partner and customer need, and goes even further to help develop demand and business growth.

  1. Operational Excellence: Partners receive full sales support from Sangfor, from the beginning to the end of the sales cycle, improving efficiency, communication, and cooperation between vendors and customers. Partners receive help procuring sales leads, and with project protection, technical help and bidding.
  2. Agility to scale and specialize: Sangfor partners can choose to specialize in security or cloud business, making it easy for them to scale up or down as business needs dictate.
  3. Customer loyalty: Partners take advantage of Sangfor’s extensive technical support for the fastest response time and help handling both simple and complex technical issues.
  4. Cutting-edge solutions: Sangfor innovations allow partners to offer the best and most cutting-edge solutions to customers 

Sangfor Partner Engagement Path

For partners with different business model, there are three tiers including Certified, Gold, and Platinum, helping you achieve greater value in the long term.

partner engagement path 


Category Item Certified Gold Platinum
Discount Product Price Discount
Discount Service Price Discount -
Co-selling Market Insight Sharing
Co-selling Integrated Solutions
Co-selling Key Account Operation -
Co-selling Leads Delivering -
Enablement Online Training
Enablement Hands on Labs
Enablement Boot Camping -
Enablement Enablement for C-level -
Recruitment Candidates Transfer to Partner -
Resources Demo
Resources Marketing development funds
Resources Marketing Library
Resources Brand Exposure in Marketing Event -
Resources Experts Support -
Resources Sales Incentives

Engagement Program Models

The Sangfor Partner Engagement Program allows Partners to choose the model most conducive to their business needs, leaving room for future adoption, expansion, or scale-back as needed.

  • VAR: Channel partners resell cybersecurity or datacenter products & solutions to customers with their own value-added services. 
  • Network/Data Center System Integrator (SI): Channel partners provide network/data center integrated total solutions and implement services with their own sophisticated solutions.
  • MSP/MCP: Channel partners remotely manage customer IT infrastructure and/or end-user systems, typically on a proactive basis and under a subscription model.
  • ISV: Channel partners develop their own software products and solutions with their own branding, and integrate their software with Sangfor’s cloud computing platform as a bundle or SaaS.
  • Service Distributor: Channel partners deliver professional service to the partners customers.

Sangfor is Providing you with our Full Support

full support to partner 


Sangfor Promise to its Partners

promise to partners