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Sangfor NG-CDI Architecture

Digital transformation is indeed happening and rapidly transforming the way we live and work. Pull out your smart phone and you can do basically anything you want: transportation, hopping, chatting, blogging, you name it. Applications of all kinds are enabling people and businesses to get things done more quickly and more efficiently. These applications are more and more likely to be architected in distributed microservices, built and run on cloud-native infrastructure. Data center infrastructure must keep evolving to keep up with the velocity of application change. That’s why Sangfor NG-CDI (Next Generation Converged Digital Infrastructure) comes to the play.


Sangfor NG-CDI Architecture

Sangfor NG-CDI Key Features

  • Cloud Native
    Cloud-Native in Mind
    Kubernetes is built into the kernel and containers are supported natively on NG-CDI (Next Generation Concerged Digital Infrastructure).

  • Application Store
    Application Store

    Expedite application deployment by packaging your application containers and VMs into Helm templates, offering 1-click application deployment experience.

  • Unified Platform
    Unified Platform

    NG-CDI provides unified management, networking, storage, monitoring and logging for both VMs and containers, namespace-based management gives users application-centric agility.

  • Intrinsic Security
    Intrinsic Security

    End-to-end cloud-native security scheme to maximize the security of your infrastructure and applications, from inside out.

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Sangfor NG-CDI Solution
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18 Nov 2021