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Punjab Medical College (Pakistan)


Customer Overview

Punjab Medical College is a prestigious government owned institute focus on medical studies. It is being maintained by the Government of Punjab and is under the administrative control of Health Department.

Punjab Medical College is located in Faisalabad city of Punjab Province in Pakistan, and was established in 1973-74. It spread over on area of 158 acres with a beautiful campus. Allied Hospital and DHQ Hospitals are the two hospitals that are attached with the college for clinical teachings of the students.


Nowadays, Wi-Fi access is a must for students to help them with their studies. They need to look for online information, communicate with other students & professors, etc. 

Punjab Medical College was looking to deploy a new Wi-Fi solution for the whole campus. However the College also had to take into account the increasing number of students bringing their own devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.), who used them not only for learning purpose, but also to stream video and play games. With the limited bandwidth available, the network would be often congested and users would be complaining. 

With more devices having access to the network, the chances of being targeted by a security threat would only increase, and that is why the College was also looking for a complete security solution to protect the network and its students. 


After deploying Sundray Wi-Fi (Sundray is a subsidiary of Sangfor Group focus on Wi-Fi products), Punjab Medical College’s students can now have fast & reliable access to wireless network anywhere on the campus. With its strong bandwidth management features, the College can ensure that each student enjoy a pleasant surfing experience by assigning a specific quota and limiting the bandwidth usage according to each application (e.g.: YouTube, Facebook, etc.).

Also thanks to the multiple authentication methods (e.g.: QR Code, Facebook, etc.), students can easily authenticate into the network and allow the College to keep logs that can be used in case of any illegal activities. 

By deploying Sangfor NGAF, the College is now protected against all current, emerging and future threats such as the WannaCry or Petya Ransomware. Sangfor NGAF provides them a future-proof & full converged security solution with FW/IPS/AV/WAF all-in-one appliance.

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