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Sangfor aDesk Overview

In the IT mode where traditional PC is used for office, hardware damage, system failure and tedious software updates are very common issues, which lead to a heavy management workload and high IT operation and maintenance cost.


It only takes 2 Sangfor aDesk VDI components – Thin-Client (cloud terminal) and VDS Server - to rapidly build up virtual desktop platform. A one-stop desktop cloud solution can effectively improve deployment efficiency, simplify the workload of desktop operation and maintenance while ensuring information security and realizing the smoothness of mobile office.

Features and Benefits



  • Highly compatible for peripheral devices
  • Smooth desktop user experience
  • Sangfor-NVIDIA vGPU Solution meet customers' GPU needs


  • Uninterrupted desktop services via HA desktop architecture
  • Data is in reliable storage to avoid the risk of data loss caused by disk/host failure
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  • Multiple authentication methods can be freely combined
  • End-to-end security mechanisms to ensure overall security
  • All document export & screenshots can be auditted


  • Shorten desktop cloud deployment time by 80%
  • Deploy 100 VMs in just 5 mins
  • Unified WEB control platform increases O&M efficiency by 80%
  • Quick and accurate intelligent diagnosis
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Brand Recognition

  • Gartner

    The technology that aDesk VDI is based on, Sangfor HCI, has been listed in the Gartner Magic Quadrant of x86 Server Virtualization Infrastructure.

    Large Scale Deployment

    Successfully delivered more than 300k+ thin client units; more than 200 cases with 1k+ units deployment.

  • Notable Customer

    Notable customers include PT BNI Asset Management, Bank of Communication, 12306 Chinese Railway Customer Service Center, Foxconn, SF Express, etc.

    Ranked No.2 in IDC

    Total shipment of VDI client market ranked No.2 in 2019. (Source: "2019 IDC Tracking Report of VDI Client Market in China")

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Success Stories


Sangfor VDI Brochure
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19 Jul 2021
Sangfor VDI Datasheet 20210520
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20 May 2021
Working Remotely with Sangfor aDESK
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30 Jan 2021
Sangfor VDI STD-500 Datasheet
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30 Jan 2021
SANGFOR aDesk STD-200H-s Datasheet
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30 Jan 2021