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Sangfor's Platform as a Service Powers Business Transformation

Technology evolves to better service business. Ever since the first release in 2015, Sangfor HCI has been upgraded more than ten times to improve the quality of the platform and better service our customers’ businesses. With each and every new release, the boundary of the platform’s reliability, performance and security has been pushed further. This year, at the start of the spring, we are excited to announce the general availability of our latest HCI & SCP version, 6.2.0, and the first version of Sangfor PaaS. The new features and updates are described as below.

Sangfor’s platform as a service solution, based on standard Kubernetes, offers great simplicity and elasticity for running and managing containers between private and public clouds. It provides native multi-cluster management, built-in monitoring and logging, integrated image registry, app store and CSI integration with aSAN for agile deployment of K8s workloads. With PaaS being available on HCI, Sangfor HCI has now been evolved to a unified platform for both traditional VM-based applications and cloud-native container-based applications. In the meantime, Sangfor PaaS inherits the ease of use from HCI, combined with the intuitive GUI of KubeManager, developers can easily manage hundreds of pods while operators take care of VMs’ management with SCP.

Sangfor Kubemanager

Sangfor PaaS solution is designed to deliver an easy-to-use enterprise-grade Kubernetes platform to help customers store, run and manage containerized workloads. With integrated Harbor-based image registry and Kubernetes-based container orchestration platform, the development and operations of containerized applications have been streamlined on Sangfor PaaS.


The Superior Features Provided by Sangfor PaaS and HCI


  • Native Multi-Cluster Management 
  • Disk Encryption & Erasure 
  • Built-in Monitoring & Logging 
  • Disk-Based Storage Virtual Volume
  • Integrated Image Registry
  • Network Multiplexing
  • Application Store/Center
  • Storage Capacity Prediction
  • CSI Integration with aSAN
  • DR Testing


Delivering The Best Ingredients of Containers and VMs Out of Infrastructure

  • IaaS+PaaS, unified platform for both VMs and containers, offering a smooth transition from VMs to containers
  • Easy lifecycle management for traditional and cloud-native workloads
  • Highly secure, provide image scanning and reuse security capabilities on HCI
  • Cost-effective, start from 2 nodes and scale-out on demand




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